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Thailand 2016

May 6, 2017
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First stop: Phuket

Last year in November, I traveled 18 hours to my first stop in Asia: Phuket. Phuket is actually an island and the largest in Thailand. I spent 7 days in Thailand – 4 in Phuket and 3 in Phi Phi (see photos below). I thought Phuket was a very busy city but found it to be also calming. If you drive a few minutes out, you can get away from the noise and find peace at a nearby beach. The city has lots of delicious, fresh and wallet-friendly food. How can you pass on 50 Bhat mango sticky rice and 90 Bhat pad thai?! 40 Bhat FRESH coconuts?! Fresh coconuts was my thing in Thailand. I can never look at packaged coconut water the same.

Thailand was on the top of my list because I absolutely love being by the water. Plus it had pretty much everything: good food, nature, nightlife and city life. I’ve always dreamed about the day when I could wake up to a beautiful sunrise along the beach. This is no Southern California beach. I still can’t believe I traveled across the Andaman Sea in a longtail boat. Moral of my trip: There is a time and place for everything. Keep dreaming and doing what you gotta do! Hope you enjoy my photos!

Second stop: Phi Phi Islands

From the hotel in Phuket, I took a ferry boat to Phi Phi Don (the party island of the Islands). Once the boat docked, I had to take another boat ride to the resort. Once I arrived, I really felt like I was in paradise. The resort was very private and and relaxing. It was a nice change in pace because I was literally on the go every minute in Phuket. I had breakfast/lunch/dinner right along the beach so the only noise was coming from the ocean. I laid on a hammock with my book while the waves were washing up the shore. Oh! There was wifi on the resort but you spent most of the time trying to connect. I purchased pocket wifi only to find out that it doesn’t work in Phi Phi…so I really was disconnected from the rest of the world and appreciated the present.

Favorite part of Phi Phi? Booking a private tour by speedboat to explore the islands! I went snorkeling for the first time in the Andaman Sea! It was probably the coolest and most exhilarating experience ever. There were so many fish around that I felt them against my skin! We got back onto the boat and stopped at Phi Phi Leh which was a big swimming pool. I jumped off the boat, swam around and marveled at the vertical cliffs that formed the lagoon. I had to blink a few times and tell myself that I was really there. Like I said, there is a time and place for everything!!

I hope you enjoyed reading and hope you also get a taste of your own paradise very soon.


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