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I’ve dreamed about the day I would be able to celebrate every holiday for my kid. I am now living that dream and I am definitely going to celebrate Easter with Ren. As a first-time parent, there is really something special about finding little ways to make any day extraordinary for your kid. Ren’s Easter […]

Apr 16

Not going to lie, postpartum is rough. It will look different for everyone. I’m sharing some of my most used items that were essential to making the experience a little bit better.

Feb 12

I’m so grateful my first pregnancy was a positive experience. Since I was pregnant during the pandemic, I didn’t have to buy as many things like clothes during my pregnancy. There were some things that I tried and found to be useful and helpful to make my pregnancy as comfy as possible. Sharing all the things I enjoyed using here!

Dec 6

Ahh, I can’t believe I am a mom! It’s been a month since I gave birth and I still can remember every singe detail. Labor is such a crazy experience. I know everyone’s experience is different so I’m excited to share what mine was like!

Mar 1

Making matcha doesn’t have to be hard. Sharing my simple and easy recipe, including a time-saving hack!

Apr 8

I truly believe skincare should not be complicated. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time or require a lot of money. However, I do believe skincare is necessary to take care of your skin, rather than later. Check out this post if you want to start taking care of your skin with 3 EASY steps.

Apr 3
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