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Olivarrier Routine

February 19, 2018
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I heard about Olivarrier at the Peach & Lily sample sale last year and bought the cream and essence. I was drawn to these products because I love minimal packaging and all products have a pH level of 5.5. pH level is something important to consider when purchasing skincare products. 

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I’m in love with the Dual Moist Toning Lotion and Dual Moist Hyaluron Essence. They both have micro hyaluronic acid which delivers hydration deep into the skin. I apply the toner onto a cotton pad and sweep it across my face after washing. My skin feels instantly hydrated and plump. Then I follow up with the essence. Unlike my other essences, this essence is more viscous. Its texture is similar to most serums. Sometimes I will apply an essence that’s more watery then use this essence on top of it for extra hydration. The toning lotion and essence is a favorite combination because I think it made my skin softer and plump. 

I entered in a Peach & Lily giveaway for this entire set and was one of the selected winners. I was so happy I won because I’ve been eyeing the Fluid Oil because it’s 100% squalane oil. What is squalane? Your body naturally produces squalane but did you know that production slows as you age? So sad, but a lot of things slow down so it’s important to start early and take preventative measures. This oil is derived from the highest quality olives. I love this face oil because it…

  1. works for all skin types. Oily skin types do not be scared!
  2. non-greasy. My skin doesn’t feel like I rubbed oil onto it and there is no shine.
  3. hydrating. It quickly absorbs into my skin, leaving my skin so soft and plump. I rub 2-3 drops into my hands and pat into the skin.
  4. protective barrier against free radicals that can cause age spots and premature aging.


Emollient Extra Comfort Cream

This has become one of my favorite creams for its texture, ingredient list and packaging. It’s currently sold out on Peach & Lily, but you can sign up to get notified when they restock. The cream is a winner because it works for all seasons. I tried it first in the fall and it works great with my skin in the winter. I know it will be great for spring and summer. It kept my skin hydrated throughout the day this winter and the texture feels amazing. My skin absorbs the cream nicely and after application, my skin looks plump and soft. The ingredient list is amazing and includes shea butter, avocado oil, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, olive squalane and camellia oil.


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