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Huxley Secret of Sahara Review

May 8, 2017
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I went to Korea last year and discovered Huxley at LOHBS (Love, Health & Beauty) in Garosugil. I thought LOHBS was very similar to Sephora but cheaper. It’s They carry drugstore brands and other well-known brands such as Cremorlab and Aromatica that you can find at Peach & Lily. They also carry haircare, cosmetics, fragrance and body care products. 

Huxley focuses on utilizing cactus oils for hydration. Women in the Sahara Desert are able to use cactus oils to fight against extremely hot weather, so Huxley uses this natural ingredient to create highly effective moisturizing products. Also, they’re packaged in clear or semi-opaque glass bottles with a hint of color (depending which product you get). Simple and minimal packaging? Yes, please! 

Review: Secret of Sahara Oil Essence
This oil-essence is just that. Its texture is a combination between a face oil and a face essence. Also reminds me of a serum/ampoule. This oil-essence is like two products in one so it saves time and money. It’s thin and light so the oil doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It quickly absorbs into my skin and feels instantly hydrated. Once I’m finished applying, my skin looks dewy and radiant. You can see before and after pictures of my skin. See how well the essence absorbed into my skin after rubbing it in? I’ll apply after my toner. I’ll pat two drops of this oil-essence into my skin.

Available at Glow Recipe

Review: Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream

This cream is dense and thick, but is very spreadable. I definitely think less is more. I love that this cream is extremely moisturizing but doesn’t feel oily and heavy. I learned about this product when I visiting Korea in the winter. A LOHBS employee told me this cream protects the skin against pollution, stress and other harsh effects on the skin. Once I tried this cream, I actually feel like it was acting like a barrier fighting against the cold wind. My skin didn’t burn or feel dry from the cold air.  I like this cream because it meshes with my skin…the cream feels like it’s melting and reaping all the benefits. My skin instantly looks brighter and smoother.

I never dip my fingers into any product. I always use a spatula to scoop up the product onto the back of my hand. If I don’t have a spatula, I’ll use a q-tip. There is a lot of bacteria on your fingers so I try my best to keep my products as clean as possible! A pea-size amount is perfect for me. I’ll spread it along my face and can really feel the cream melting into my skin. I like this cream for winter because it’s thicker and super moisturizing than my spring/summer moisturizers. At night, I will apply more than a pea-size just to keep my skin hydrated for a longer period of time.

Available at Glow Recipe

Would I buy these products again? Yes! I used both products this past winter and my skin looked great. I was kind of worried my skin would feel oily or I’d break out because the cream is dense. Luckily, I didn’t have any break outs when I switched to using this oil-essence and cream. Did I mention these products smell so good? The fragrance isn’t too strong…it’s light, fresh and feminine. 


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