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  Let’s talk about the skincare I used during my pregnancy. As someone who loves all things beauty and works in beauty, I know a lot of expecting mothers start thinking about the skincare products they’re using. What ingredients are in the products I am using? Is it safe for my baby? Luckily, many skincare […]

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Welcome to an inside look into my life about motherhood, beauty (especially skincare), style and intentional living.

posted:  October 28, 2022

I always shop during the Sephora sale to repurchase my essentials and holy grails, or to try something new that I’ve been eyeing. I’m grabbing a couple hair items because I am really into hair health right now. I get questions about what skincare and makeup products I use so wanted to compile all my […]

posted:   April 16, 2022

I’ve dreamed about the day I would be able to celebrate every holiday for my kid. I am now living that dream and I am definitely going to celebrate Easter with Ren. As a first-time parent, there is really something special about finding little ways to make any day extraordinary for your kid. Ren’s Easter […]

posted:   February 13, 2022

It’s finally here! I have been working hard on this post to gather everything I did to start Ren on solids the BLW way, all the tools and resources that helped me get started along with tips for anyone who is considering BLW. I’ve received several DMs from people asking how I started. Hope this helps anyone who is or will be starting solids soon!

posted:  February 12, 2022

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posted:  December 6, 2021

I’m so grateful my first pregnancy was a positive experience. Since I was pregnant during the pandemic, I didn’t have to buy as many things like clothes during my pregnancy. There were some things that I tried and found to be useful and helpful to make my pregnancy as comfy as possible. Sharing all the things I enjoyed using here!

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